Social Media Infographics

Please share these graphics, available in multiple languages, on social media with your communities. To download an image, simply right click and select "Save as". Thanks for helping all our neighbors to #FlattenTheCurve!


Symptoms of COVID-19 English  6ft Social Distancing English  Risk Factors for Severe Illness COVID-19  Protecting yourself and your family English



Coronavirus Symptoms Spanish 6ft Social Distance Spanish Higher Risk Groups Spanish Protecting myself and my family Spanish




COVID19 Symptoms French 6 ft Social Distance French High Risk Groups French Protecting myself and my family French


COVID19 Symptoms Mandarin 6 ft social distance Mandarin High risk groups Mandarin Protecting myself and my family Mandarin


COVID19 Symptoms Korean 6ft Social Distance Korean High Risk Groups Korean Protecting myself and my family Korean


COVID19 Symptoms Arabic 6 ft Social Distance Arabic High Risk Arabic Protecting myself and my family Arabic

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