Language Access Oversight Committee

MIMA oversees the City’s Language Access Program and works to ensure that agencies can serve Limited English Proficient (LEP) constituents in multiple languages. Since 2018, MIMA has provided city agencies intensive technical assistance to develop a Language Access implementation strategy tailored to their needs. 

To ensure that the needs of LEP constituents are addressed, MIMA has created the Language Access Oversight Committee whose mission is to provide accountability and oversight to the implementation of Baltimore City’s Language Access Program.  

Oversight Committee Points to Note:  

  • Membership is purely a volunteer position. It is not an offer of employment or a promise of employment, and committee membership does not create an employment opportunity. 

  • Meetings will take place on a quarterly basis either in person or virtually.  In addition, members may be required to attend 1 or 2 special events or functions.   

  • Members are expected to commit for a minimum of two (2) years to serve on the Committee. 

Language Access Oversight Committee Roles and Responsibilities: 

The responsibilities of the Language Access Oversight Committee will be primarily advisory; they are neither administrative, legal nor policymaking in nature. The principal roles of the committee include: 

  • Advice: The Committee will review Language Access policies and plans proposed by MIMA and provide guidance as necessary. The committee will also advise on strategies of how MIMA and City agencies can be more accountable as they implement and expand Language Access across the City of Baltimore. 

  • Assist: The oversight committee will help MIMA carry out specific activities related to Language Access, such as promoting information about the Language Access initiatives through their community networks.  

  • Advocate: Committee members will serve as advocates for Language Access policies and service procedures that may have inherent biases based on culture, language, and ethnicity. MIMA can play a responsive role in such situations or direct members towards appropriate avenues for feedback (e.g., the Office of Civil Rights). 

Language Access Oversight Committee Member Qualification: 

  • Have Language Access experience or Interested in Language Access advocacy for increasing access for LEP communities. 

  • Commit time and energy to committee meetings. 

  • Demonstrate leadership in the community.   

  • Work or live in Baltimore City.  

  • Bilingual skills are not required but highly prioritized.  

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Language Access Oversight Committee, please fill out the Language Access Oversight Committee application by Sunday, August 14, 2022 by 5 pm