The mission of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs is to promote community wellbeing, economic development, and the integration of immigrant communities by identifying needs and opportunities that immigrants bring to our city, while developing public-private partnerships to strengthen the development of these communities.

About us

The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MIMA) is a result of a recommendation from The New Americans Task Force, The Role of Immigrants in Growing Baltimore—a diverse group of stakeholders convened in the summer of 2013 to develop a plan to retain and attract immigrants as part of the mayor’s goal to grow Baltimore.

MIMA focuses on two broad priority areas: economic growth and community well-being. These areas have the greatest potential to leverage existing resources and identify additional gaps and opportunities, in order to recognize and benefit from the valuable assets that New Americans bring to Baltimore.

Economic Growth 

MIMA seeks to facilitate the development and progress of immigrants and refugees in the workforce and increase their access to entrepreneurial opportunities, thereby meeting the needs of employers and promoting the growth of the city. In addition, MIMA seeks to increase and promote Baltimore’s unique housing opportunities, while promoting safer and stronger neighborhoods.

The priority area of Economic Growth has been further sub-divided into the following areas for further research and action: Workforce Development, Small Business Development, and Housing.

Community Wellbeing

MIMA seeks to enhance the service capacity and receptivity of City agencies, nonprofits, and community-based organizations to better address the needs of immigrants and facilitate inclusion and mutual understanding among immigrant communities, service providers, and receiving communities.

The priority area of Community Wellbeing has been further sub-divided into the following areas for further research and action: Safety, Youth, and Welcome and Diversity.