Eviction Prevention Program (English)

Are you behind on your rent? Is your landlord threatening to evict you? Is your landlord discriminating against you? Is your landlord refusing to do repairs? You have rights!

Do you live in Baltimore City? Are you behind on rent because of the COVID-19 pandemic? You may be eligible for funds to help pay back rent! Apply for the Eviction Prevention Program today!

Access the application by clicking here: 

You can change the language of the application when you make an account by clicking on the icon indicated by the yellow arrow below:

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If you speak a language other than English, fill out this form to be connected with CASA, Southeast CDC, Latino Economic Development Corporation, or a MIMA volunteer who can help you complete the application in your language. 

You can submit photos of documentation and handwritten documentation.

Once you submit your application, the CAP Center staff will reach out to your landlord to verify your information and gather documents from them.  To facilitate that process, you can send this list of documents to your landlord to let them know that the CAP Center will be reaching out and which documents are required. 

Eligibility Criteria

Examples of verification documents

Income verification for the last 60 days

Two (2) months of most recent paystubs, court-ordered alimony statements, cash income verification worksheet, court-ordered child support statements, documentation supporting investment or retirement income, declaration of zero income, pension award letter, disability insurance statement, social security (SSI) statement, social security disability (SSDI) statement, TANF/TCA statement, unemployment compensation statement, veterans disability statement, workers compensation statement, any documentation which supports additional/other income, etc. 

Household located in Baltimore City

Lease OR

Bill in the applicant’s name (BGE, Xfinity, water, medical bill, etc) OR

 Household Member Identification (signed by applicant and landlord) OR

Rent receipt (with name and address) OR

Rental letter from landlord 

If renting a room/basement/etc. - Sublet Member Identification (signed by the applicant, leaseholder, and landlord)

Owe rent to your landlord or leaseholder

Self-certification within the application (Question G)

Proof of COVID impact

Self-certification within the application (Question E) OR

COVID Impact Statement and/or supporting documents (letter from employer, hospital records, etc). 

Proof of ID for each adult on the lease/member of the household

One of the following- Driver's license, birth certificate, MD State ID, Consular ID, Passport, Company issued ID, US Military ID, VISA, Permanent Resident Card/Green Card


If you do not have any form of ID:

Household Member Identification (signed by applicant and landlord) if you do not have any other form of ID

Sublet Member Identification (signed by applicant and leaseholder and landlord) if you do not have any other form of ID

No social security number required

Put 000-00-0000 if you do not have an SSN or ITIN

If you sub rent from a principal renter (room, basement, etc.)

Sublease Household Member Identification (form signed by the landlord, tenant, and sublet), IDs, and COVID impact self-certification