Know Your Rights


  • Employers cannot threaten workers about calling the police because of their immigration status
  • Employers cannot discriminate in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, or discharging based on race, gender, nationality, or religion
  • Employment agencies cannot discriminate in job referrals, ask discriminatory pre-employment questions, or circulate information that unlawfully limits employment
  • Employers cannot harass or bully workers because of their race, gender, nationality, or religion
  • If you feel like you are owed a wage or are not being paid a proper wage, contact the Wage Commission at (410) 396-3141 or you can file your claim online at Baltimore City Wage Commision


  • Landlords, lenders and home sellers cannot refuse to rent, provide a mortgage or sell a dwelling to any qualified buyer or renter
  • Landlords, lenders and home sellers cannot use discriminatory terms and conditions in selling, financing or renting
  • It is illegal to attempt to steer persons into or away from neighborhoods or apartment complexes on the basis of race, gender, disability, familial status, color, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, or religion
  • To file a complaint online regarding unlawful discrimination go to Baltimore City Community Relations Commission, or call the Community Relations Commission at (410) 396-3141 or contact Baltimore Neighborhoods Inc. at (410) 243-6007

Public Safety

  • If you are questioned by the police you have the right to remain silent
  • You have the right to speak with an attorney before or during any police questioning
  • If you agree to answer questions, you may stop at any time and request an attorney and no further questions will be asked
  • If you want an attorney and cannot afford one, an attorney will be appointed to represent you
  • If you are questioned by the police you have the right to ask the officer if you are being arrested or detained
  • If you are arrested by local police, they must charge you with a crime in court within 48 hours or else release you
  • If immigration comes to your home or stops you on the street, you have the right to see a warrant; in all other cases, keep the door closed. State: "I do not consent to your entry"
  • If you feel your rights or the rights of one of your family members has been violated, call the ACLU of Maryland at (410) 889-8555

The Baltimore City Civilian Review Board takes complaints that allege the use of excessive force, abusive language, harassment, false arrest, and false imprisonment by law enforcement. To file a complaint please visit Baltimore City Civilian Review Board or call (410) 396-3141. You may also contact Maryland Commission on Civil Rights at (410) 767-8600