School Enrollment

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Public School Enrollment 

Baltimore City provides free pre-kindergarten for all children who are four years old by September 1 of the school year for which they will be enrolled. However, space is limited, so register as soon as possible.  To find a pre-kindergarten program near you, visit or call 443-984-2000 for more information. All students in grades K-8, including those who require special education services, are also entitled to free public education and can be enrolled in two simple steps. 

Multilingual Enrollment and Support Center 

Baltimore City Public Schools’ Multilingual Enrollment and Support Center is located at 200 E North Ave, Baltimore MD 21202. Staff speak multiple languages and can assist parents and students with enrolling in school, transferring and choosing a school for their students. Center staff can also support with evaluation of foreign transcripts, connect families to social workers and community-based organizations and provides case management and guidance on course selection and programming for over-aged, under-credited high school students. 

Walk-ins and appointments are accepted. You can reach the Multilingual Enrollment and Support Center at or call 443-642-4481

Find Your Zoned School 

What is a Zoned School? 

Neighborhood public schools for all students living in a designated geographical area. Typically, this is the public school found closest to the student’s home as it is determined by your home address. 

How do I find out where my zoned school is? 

This information can be found online through the Baltimore City School Locator: Alternatively, you can call 410-396-8600. 

Go to the zoned school to enroll 

Once you have found the appropriate school for your child, you must accompany the student to the school or the Multilingual Enrollment and Support Center along with the following required documentation: 

  • Birth certificate or other government-issued document showing birth date. 

  • A valid, unexpired photo ID of parent or legal guardian. 

  • Proof of guardianship (if applicable). 

  • Immunization record.     

  • * Immunization Services are available through free T.I.K.E clinics; for more information, call 410-396-4454. 

  • Proof of current physical examination. 

  • At least two proofs of residency 

  • *Can include any of the following: utility bill such as gas and electric, water bill, original lease agreement, deed, bank/mortgage statement, official payroll document from an employer, and/or social security/social services document (dated within the last 30 days) 

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP; if applicable) 

  • Lead test certificate. 

If not zoned to a particular school, please visit the Office of Enrollment, Choice, and Transfers or the Multilingual Enrollment and Support Center located at Baltimore City Public Schools’ Headquarters for placement options. Address: 200 E. North Ave., Baltimore, MD 21202. 

High School Enrollment 

Once your child has reached high school (grades 9-12), they are no longer required to go to their zoned school, so enrollment follows a different process. Students are then given the choice of where they would like to attend in order to best meet their needs and interests. For a list of high schools throughout the city, please visit 

A number of charter school options are also available for those who wish to apply. Charter schools are public schools that all students can choose to attend, regardless of where they live in the city. For a list of all city charter schools, please visit the Maryland Charter School Directory at  

Re-engagement Center 

The Re-Engagement Center is where school-disconnected young people and those returning from incarceration can get school placement advising and services (students under 21), access academic enrichment and support and modified instructional programming, and connect to a host of wrap-around supports to promote success in school and beyond. Call 443-642-4220 to schedule an appointment time. 

Other Important Information 

School Closings 

Due to inclement weather, schools may elect to open late or close for the day. This information can be found by visiting your local school’s website or as well as through local television, radio and Facebook. You may also call 443-984-2000. 


The Baltimore City School Police Force ensures that students and staff have a safe environment in which to learn and teach. If you have any questions or concerns related to the safety of your child while in school, please contact the call center at 443-984-2000. For all other emergencies call 911. 

Language Access 

If English is not your first language, you have the right to request language assistance at any Baltimore City Public School.